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Little Angel inviting you to Bread Of Heaven
Sis Serwaah sharing about sunday's message
Mr. & Mrs Lewin invites
Elder Robert speaks about the Barbecue & Outreach Event
Barbecue & Outreach
Ps. Frank Speaks to an Ex-Homeless Man
Bernadette Singing at Age 3 and Now
Lionel Speaking about the Word of the Day
Stephanie Speaks about the Sermon
Isis speaking about the sermon (Renewing Your Mind)
Derek, Berice & Lionel sharing about sermon (Talent)
Jackie speaking about Life at Bread Of Heaven
Sis Rosemary speaking about Life at Bread Of Heaven
Jama Session at BOHIM Barbecue & OUTREACH EVENT
Barbecue Jama Session (Part 1)
Barbecue Jama Session (Part 2)
Barbecue Jama Session (Part 3)
The Kids Speaks about the Barbecue
Elder Byron Speaks about Bread Of Heaven